Stay in Shape this Summer Vacation

We do a lot in our daily routines to lose weight, tone up and stay healthy. Trips to the gym, spending extra money at the grocery store on healthy meal options, and saying “no” to overindulging are part of our everyday lives when we are chasing down a fitness goal. So why is it that our discipline tends to go right out the window when summer vacations roll around?

This year, make a commitment to enjoy your time off and still respect your body. Take these healthy steps toward staying in shape on summer vacation:

Plan meals. Through online nutrition information and calorie-counting apps, you really should be able to figure out what you will eat ahead of time. Before you even leave home, create a rough outline of the places you want to dine and what you plan to order, complete with nutrition information. Sure, you will go off that menu a time or two, but it will help keep your eating habits in check while you are away from home.

Look for a place to exercise. Pick a hotel or resort with a gym on the grounds and plan a few workouts. If you get your exercise out of the way early in the morning, it will be off your mind for the rest of the day. You can also plan an entire vacation centered around fitness—like a hiking, kayaking, or water sports trip.

Buy new clothes.

Before you take a trip, buy some new items for your wardrobe that accent the areas you have worked so hard to sculpt. Do you have slimmer thighs through cold laser treatment to show off? Or toned abs from months and months of crunches? Take the plunge and buy that bright bikini you’ve been eyeing, or the pair of board shorts that are a size smaller than the other ones you own. Having clothing that only looks right if you are in optimal shape will inspire you to stay on track on your vacation.

Remember your hard work. Whether you trained for a year to be fit enough to run a half-marathon or paid to get rid of trouble spots with a body sculpting procedure, you don’t want to undo it. It is okay to splurge a little bit on vacation, but know your limits. When caloric temptation knocks, think about your sacrifices to get where you are and it will give you the strength to walk away.

Set new fitness goals. Taking a vacation gives the opportunity to recharge your batteries and reassess your ambitions in all areas of life. Find some time to be alone with just your thoughts, and maybe a pen and paper, and jot down what fitness goals you want to pursue in the coming months. Maybe you have been thinking about trying a new group exercise class, or researching cold laser fat reduction options, but keep putting it off. Write all of these thoughts down and then give yourself a deadline to accomplish them.

Taking a vacation is an escape—but remember that you still have to live with yourself when you get back. Set boundaries on food and drink intake and look for creative ways to be active at your destination. You will have more energy for fun on your trip and look good in the process.