Most Popular Group Fitness Classes

You may wonder what the big attraction to group fitness classes is and why so many people are joining them in hordes. There are three good reasons people join, and remain, in group fitness classes – motivation, accountability and camaraderie.

Being a lone wolf can be difficult at times partly because you have to rely on yourself to stay motivated. In a group fitness setting you have a friendly instructor to help you get through your plateaus and other participants who may be in better shape than you who can motivate you to get results. In addition to motivation, group fitness settings can create accountability in the form of the instructor and your group partners. Finally, because of the social setting that group fitness classes create, group fitness classes are fun. Not only are you able to get fit but you are also able to enjoy your hard work with people who share similar interests.

Group fitness is great for many reasons as is meeting new people, challenging your body with different workouts, and to mix things up a bit with a variety of workout options. Below are some of the most popular group fitness classes you are likely to find at today’s gyms or health clubs.


Yoga continues to be one of the most popular group fitness classes because it is a popular exercise for all ages. The focuses of yoga are centered around athletic training, sculpting and toning, mind-body fitness and restoration. Many people believe yoga has healing properties for the mind which is an additional reason this group fitness class continues to be so popular throughout the country and the world.


Zumba is said to have over 14 million participants in 140,000 locations across the world. By combining elements of dance and aerobics along with Latin-infused music, this group fitness class tends to have people showing up in large groups and filling arenas to get in on the fun. Perhaps the social element of Zumba is the most popular part as the large groups of people in attendance tend to be smiling while they seem to be forgetting that they are working out at all.


Pilates is especially popular with women because it builds strength without creating bulk, aiding participants to get a sleek, toned body with slender thighs and flat abs. Pilates group fitness classes are available at exclusive pilates fitness centers as well as at many gyms. Like yoga, pilates preaches proportion and balance in lifestyle as well as the mind.


Spinning, or indoor cycling, is a cardio workout set to music and led by a certified instructor. Spinning classes do not involve rhythmic maneuvers or complex moves, making it an ideal choice for those who just want to get in the zone and burn calories while getting in great cardiovascular shape. Spinning can of course be done by itself on stationary bikes but the group fitness classes that involve an instructor create additional challenges, motivation and camaraderie that one might not find on their own.


Koga is another fusion workout that combines elements of kickboxing and yoga. The classes pride themselves on being creative and innovative meaning you will likely never experience the same workout twice. By utilizing the benefits of muscle confusion koga has proven itself popular in group fitness settings resulting in greater flexibility, increased muscle toning and shaping, refined balance, improved cardiovascular function, increased lung capacity and reduction in overall body fat.


CrossFit has been sweeping the nation as men and women of all ages and abilities are benefitting from its challenges. CrossFit workouts specialize in not specializing, with fitness regimes that span across highly challenging physical workouts to plans about fitness and nutrition. Education is a big part of CrossFit, and the certified trainers spend a lot of time with the students teaching them about the movements, ideal fitness theories, and preferred ways of eating.