God, Help me to lose weight

You are desperate to lose weight and have often cried out to God to help you lose weight, and yet you continue to chase after all the fashionable diets and follow the wordly dieting methods instead of carefully listening to what God is telling you to do to lose the weight that has become your nightmare.

Weight gain is often not because of what we eat or even how much we eat, but can be more attributed to what we are and how we believe. Recent independant studies in the weight loss area found that of all weight loss achieved, less than 25% can be attributed to diets and dieting methods. Less than 15 % is attributed to healthy exercise. The balance of an amazing 60 to 65% is attributed to what goes on in our minds.

Ephesians 6:12 “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood.” This scripture is so true when it comes to weight loss. We spend our time fighting the fleshly symptoms, which are weight gain, instead of really fighting the real cause of the weight gain.

What are the real causes of weight gain. Each individual is different and so each case is different. However there are often some common causes of weight gain. The prime one is what I will call stinking thinking! Stinking thinking is where your self sabotaging beliefs and words are brought into being and result in weight gain.

Weight gain is not the problem and therefore fighting the weight gain through dieting is going to get you absolutely nowhere. However if you fight the principalities and powers behind these beliefs, and overcome these self sabotaging thoughts, the weight starts to dissapear all by itself and soon is gone.

If you poison and kill the root to a plant, soon the above ground part of the plant will die and be removed as well. It is the same with your weight gain. As soon as the root to your weight gain is destroyed, the above ground part which we see in the form of weight gain, will start to die off. The fat will start to fall away without any effort and it will stay away, leaving a confident and beautiful you.

Weight Loss God’s way, is an incredible course designed to destroy the self sabotaging beliefs that are causing your weight loss. The users of this course, including my own daughter, describe the effects as being that the weight just disappears without any real effort. This course is a digital download and so there is no reason why you can not start on the course right now and experience true and lasting weight loss by doing it God’s way.
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